Problem: I am connected to a server and it still shows I am out of the UK…


  • first make sure that you have connected to one of our UK servers to watch UK TV, no matter where you are in the world, it must be a UK server for UK TV, USA server for USA TV and so on.
  • if you are using Mac or iPad, make sure that when you connect to one of our UK servers, you enable “Send all traffic over VPN”, you will see this option when creating the connection.
  • make sure you are using our links and not links from other sites, we will only guarantee the links in your members area.
  • clear your browser cookies and cache from the very start, you have probably accesses a UK site without connecting to one of our UK servers first. UK sites can add a cookie to your browser when you are abroad to prevent your access from a foreign IP address.

Problem: I have a very slow connection when connecting to your servers and can not watch TV because of constant buffering…


  • make sure that you try both PPTP and L2TP connections. Mac and iPad tend to work best with PPTP whilst Windows works best with L2TP.
  • make sure you try all our UK servers, some will work better than others depending on where you are.
  • make sure your connection speed is 1 meg or upwards, ideally 2 meg and upwards for zero buffering, do a speed test at to check your speed without connecting to our servers.
  • if you are using WI-FI, make sure you have at least 3 bars connection, anything less will cause drop outs and low speed. Move closer the the router or even better, connect with a cable.
  • reboot your router, clear your browser cache and cookies and reboot your machine.
  • try using our latest servers: or
  • if all else fails, contact your Internet Service Provider and ask if they are blocking the usage of a VPN. You can, in most cases, tell them to stop this act and give you the service you pay for!

Problem: I paid for your service and I have no idea what I am doing…


  • please make sure that you have read the email you received after making payment, if you can not find it, it will be in your junk or spam folder. This email contains all the info you need to start using our service.
  • if you are a complete computer novice and really have no idea what you are doing after reading the email, don´t worry, we have 98 year old computer virgins watching TV using our service! Below will hopefully make it more simple for you:
  1. Install or start the connection to our servers.
  2. Depending on which device you use, Windows requires our software, Mac and iPad does not.
  3. Choose your device from the setup page here and follow the instructions to connect.
  4. Our setup guides for all devices and operating systems can be are found at the bottom of each page on our website.
  5. Our members area contains links to all channels and further info about our service. You must be connected to one of our UK servers before clicking on any channel icon (or link) in members area.
  6. Find the channel you want to watch and click it.

Problem: How do I install this on my Smart TV?


  • we do not support nor provide any help on Smart TVs because basically, there are too many such TVs and most do not have the option for a VPN. You may be able to connect, only if your Smart TV has an option for a VPN. However, you could purchase a VPN compatible router and connect it to one of our servers, giving any device that connects to the router a UK IP. Please check the router you purchase works with our service before buying, there are so many we do not support this, sorry, but it should be easy with the help of the router manufacturer or sales rep.

Problem: I want a refund, your service did not work for my entire plan!


  • refunds are only available within the first 24 hours as our support will answer any tickets within 12 hours of receiving them. If you do not submit a ticket, we will understand that you are having no problems. In every case possible, the problem is not at our end, which is why we are still in business after 7 years, we offer a service that works. We will help you connect no problem at all, we want your business, which is why we offer 24 hours up to 1 year, you are not tied down to any contract, pay as you go. If you do not like the service, you can have your 1 euro back, it is in our refund policy to do this and that is why most people start with a couple of 1 euro payments before buying a longer plan. If you dive straight in and buy 1 year and want a refund in the first 24 hours, no problem at all, but please try to contact us before the 24 hours, we can help you enjoy an amazing service!

Problem: Is this legal?


  • providing a VPN service is legal, using a VPN service is legal but what you do with it is your business. Should you do anything illegal, i.e, terrorism or illegal porn, you are going to have many problems because we will report you to the correct authorities, you are using our IP do not abuse it and we do not want any client that deals in that kind of stuff anyway!
  • you must have a TV license to watch any UK TV no matter where you are, if you have this then you are allowed to watch UK TV, do it without and the risk is yours.
  • our servers are based in the UK so every bit of data sent and received is within the UK, you must follow and respect the laws of the United Kingdom when using our service.

Problem: If you are getting an “Outside UK” message, please clear your browser cookies and cache, this will fix the problem.

Solution: read these two ‘how to’s’

If none of the above is any help, please submit a ticket to