Cookies (also known as browser or tracking cookies) are plain text files saved within your browser when you’re surfing the web. Cookies are saved per each website and in most cases there are several files saved with different information. For example has 7 cookie files.

The main purpose is to personalize your browsing experience by tracking and storing some of your activities. By uniquely identifying you you will get (in most cases) better and more customized experience while visiting a website.


If you see following message “BBC iPlayer TV programmes are available to play in the UK only. Find out why. If you are in the UK and see this message please read this advice.”

BBC programmes are UK only

Please clear cookies as described below.

– you should delete cookies ‘from the beginning” (this is the case for Chrome browser or any other browser you’re using and you have similar option)
– before clearing cookies -> close any opened windows\tab page with BBC iPlayer opened (if any)

When on you should see their cookie policy on the top as shown below:

Cookies on BBC website

Only when you accept that BBC iPlayer become available again.

Internet Explorer

Step 1: Open browser

Step 2: In the upper right corner click “Tools” menu and go to “Internet Options” menu

Step 3: In first (or default) “General” tab find “Browsing history” group and click “Delete…” button

Internet options -> General -> Delete

Step 4: In “Delete Browsing History” select “Preserves Favorites website data”, “Temporary Internet Files and website files” and “Cookies and website data” and leave the rest unchecked and finally click “Delete” button

Delete browsing history options



Google Chrome

Step 1: Open browser

Step 2: Click on the icon in the right upper corner and go to the “Settings” and type ‘cookies’ in “Search settings” field. Chrome will find and highlight all options where input text found.

Chrome - search cookies menu

Step 3: Select only “Cookies and other site and plugin data” and “Cached images and files” (unmark other options if any) and click ‘Clear browsing data’ button.

Chrome - Clear browsing data