payWhy Pay For A VPN Service When There Are So Many Free Websites Offering UK TV Abroad?

This is something that has recently been mentioned many times on other websites, why pay for a VPN when you can watch UK TV abroad for free on such websites as

Why would a third party website offer something for free that other websites, like us, are charging money for? The truth is, nothing is free, although you may sit back and enjoy using the free websites, it is ok, until the streams start to buffer or freeze and the advertising begins to get annoying. Streaming live TV online costs a lot of money, which is why the free sites are loaded with ads or offer low quality streams, until you upgrade to remove the ads or pay more to get everything in HD. The price for upgrading is by far more expensive than paying for a VPN service where you can visit the original source of the stream and get it, without ads and in HD.

Why are there so many free sites offering UK TV abroad?

There are hundreds of websites offering UK TV streams without costing anything at all, these websites are all affiliates for the bigger websites, like Filmon. An affiliate is someone who earns commission on sales. Now how does someone make money as an affiliate for something that is free? Why would anyone really bother to spend hours, maybe weeks, building a website to offer a service for free? The simple answer is advertising and selling upgraded services which that website will earn a small commission from. These websites will drag you in to let you watch TV for free from anywhere in the world, however, what they do not mention is most streams are blocked in the United States and Canada and the servers that host the streams will become overloaded with people watching a popular TV show, slowing everyone down, causing buffering and sometimes, the stream will just close down, annoying! You will feel that paying a ridiculous amount of money just for the privaledge of no ads and HD quality is what you want, so many people pay and the affiliates earn a commission.

Why Choose A VPN Over A Free Service?

A VPN service not only gives you access to all UK TV streams, it also unlocks every blocked website from anywhere in the world. For example, you may visit China or Dubai and see that popular websites like Google and Facebook are blocked, connect to a VPN server and these websites become available to you.

A VPN service gives you total privacy and encrypts your data, protecting you from possible hacking attempts and spying. When you are abroad traveling, you may use WIFI hotspots in hotels, cafes, bars or in your home to access the internet and do important things like online banking, checking your emails, social networking or just browsing the internet. Every person connected to that hotspot or network and the internet provider, with a little bit of knowledge, can easily access your information, your sent data, your passwords and logins. Connecting to a secure VPN will encrypt all of your data, giving you total privacy and security, giving you complete peace of mind. Logging onto any WIFI hotspot or website will reveal your real details, IP address and websites that you visit. The free websites for watching UK TV abroad can see all of your data and your IP address, in some cases, these websites will load your browser with malicious cookies to steal your data or load your browser with adware that will place targeted ads onto your computer using annoying popups.

Use A VPN For The Best Quality Streams

Watching UK TV using a VPN will give you access to the original TV stream source. The original source is always the best quality and in most cases, is streamed in HD. With British TV Anywhere, we give you access to many UK servers to connect to and we supply on demand. We have a lot of customers since the launch back in 2007 and have increased our UK servers from 2 to 7 for the demand. We add more servers to prevent server overloads to eliminate buffering and stream freezing and each server is built to stream live TV. A free service will put everyone on the same server and some VPN providers, although not free, will also do the same thing to make a quick profit. Some of the free sites, you may notice, don´t last long, this is because the affiliate payout is minimal and most people will eventually switch to a VPN service. British TV Anywhere has lowered the price througout the years because the more customers we get the more servers we can buy and we have a system that allows us to invest and look after our customers without charging ridiculous prices. Check out our plans here, you will be surprised at how cheap a VPN service can be that gives you total privacy, security and unblocks every website throughout the world.



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