vpn-affiliateEarn Money With British TV Anywhere

If you use our service and feel like you would like to introduce your friends, you can earn 15% of what they pay for life. Signup as an affiliate here and start referring people to British TV Anywhere, share our service and earn at the same time. Don´t worry if you are not a member, our affiliate program is open to everyone!

When you signup as an affiliate for British TV Anywhere, you will be given a unique promotional website address (Your affiliate link). When you promote that link in emails or on social networks, like Facebook, someone clicks that link and pays for our service, you will get 15% of what that person pays for as long as they remain a paying member.

Payments are made by Paypal once a month from the total earnings of the previous month, to avoid charge back and refunds. If you would like a different payment method, contact us with your affiliate username and we can arrange alternative payment methods.

British TV Anywhere sells a UK based VPN service, allowing people from outside of the UK to watch their favourite UK TV channels online from anywhere in the world. It is an easy service to promote, we not only offer UK TV, but with our service, we also offer USA TV and many European, Asian and Canadian services and using a VPN service also enhances browsing security. When you send someone to British TV Anywhere, using your affiliate link, they will be able to try out a free trial and if they purchase a service time, you will be credited with 15% of what that person pays, for life. The payment structure is below..

1 Week = €0.63 per sale

1 Month = €1.01 per sale

3 Months = €2.93 per sale

6 Months = €5.48 per sale

1 Year = €8.99 per sale

When you refer a member, they may not purchase a service plan straight away, but as soon as they do, you will see the earnings appear in your affiliate account.

It is really easy to promote, especially if you are an ExPat, tell people about the service and how you are able to watch UK TV from abroad. You can use ExPat forums, emails, social networks (Facebook), classifieds ads or anywhere you think people will click your affiliate link. When someone clicks your link, every purchase that person makes, you earn 15% of for life.

The more people that click your link, the more sales you are likely to make and so, the more money you will earn. Put your link in the right places and there is no limit to what you will earn. 80% of British TV Anywhere members are regular paying returning members, this is how our system works, it attracts regular paying members through great customer support and a system that is guaranteed to work. We also have many members join us after using other VPN services, because British TV Anywhere is the best you can get! Once you refer a member to British TV Anywhere, they will most probably become a regular paying member and you will earn 15% whenever they pay, for life.

If you would like to be an affiliate for BritishTVAnywhere.com you can signup by clicking the link below…



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