tv-software-downloadsFree Software For Streaming TV Channels

This software is independent to British TV Anywhere and is available as freeware downloads all over the Internet. The software here will help you with the sports links where some channels require software such as SopCast or Acestream. This software will also open thousands of international channels and you can watch almost any sporting event in the world using this software combined with our sports links. You do not need the VPN server connection to use any of this software, however, it is recommended that you connect to one of our servers purely for privacy and security reasons.




PPLive is one of the first Chinese peer-to-peer TV programs. It used to be the most popular and most used program but because some football organisations complained about the program most sport channels are gone and therefore its less popular. You can still watch a lot channels with this program and that´s the reason it is actually listed here. DOWNLOAD NOW.


Unlike PPMate, PPStream is made for Chinese users like most P2P-TV programs so going through the channels won’t be an easy job (However you have the P2P Remote Control for this). If you don’t care about the language then this is also an amazing program. It has a lot channels which allows you to watch almost every popular match on the net. DOWNLOAD NOW.

TV Ants

Many main channels, even international ones but also Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Ofcourse the sports channels like the Truesports, Guandong, SHTV, CCTV5, Eurosport + Eurosport 2 and CableSoccer + CableSports. The channellist changes much, be aware. DOWNLOAD NOW.


Sopcast provides possibly the best streams for sporting events. Sopcast will load up the stream before playing, giving you a couple of minutes delay, but is great to use because the buffering is minimal. Sopcast also shows most of its streams in HD. DOWNLOAD NOW.


Shows most football matches available on Sky Sports and Setanta. Click on any of the channels scheduled on Veetle and it will prompt you to download and install Veetle TV Player. After it’s installed, video playback should immediately start within your browser. DOWNLOAD NOW.


Acestream is required for many live football streams and is used for a higher quality stream, normall in HD. DOWNLOAD NOW.