features-vpnOur VPN service also has many important extra features that are automatically put in place when you make a connection.

Not only can you use our service to watch UK and USA TV channels from abroad, you are also increasing your Internet browsing security, which is important when using public WIFI hotspots or foreign Internet connections.

Our service is an all in one Multi VPN service as standard for every single account that pays to use our service.

Below is a full list of our VPN features and uses…


Complete Anonymity

Our system encrypts your internet traffic and hides your real IP address. Your Internet traffic is sent to one of our hubs via a 128 bit encrypted VPN channel where it is routed back to the Internet as regular Internet traffic. Our hubs in the USA and Europe relay your traffic to the Internet, creating genuine USA, ASIA, UK, China, Europe & Canada traffic. You can freely switch between any of our 30 VPN servers at anytime with only one account. UK servers unlock UK TV & USA servers unlock US TV etc.

  • Security for Hotspot WIFI Users
  • Unlimited and unmetered traffic
  • Bypass ISP traffic filtering
  • Bypass government monitoring
  • Easy online ordering abroad
  • Bypass ISP blocking for VOIP
  • Full anonymity Works with all applications
  • Hide real IP address
  • Unique USA, UK, EURO, ASIA IP address
  • Choose from 30 IP’s in real time
  • Unique EU IP address
  • Bypass geographical blocks
  • Protect from ISP evesdropping
  • One account gives you all servers
  • 99% service up time
  • Complete anonymity
  • High speed connection
  • No bandwidth limitation


All of this is at no extra cost and is automatically switched on when you connect!