vpn-androidSetting up a VPN on Android

Please remember that our VPN trial account is limited to 128k connection speed, so viewing live TV streams may cause buffering.

To connect to our trial demo, use the following username and password..

  • Username = demo
  • Password = demo

Our trial connection will automatically cut you off after 7 minutes.

When you have purchased a plan with British TV Anywhere, your username and password will unlock all speed and time restrictions.

Please do the following to connect to our VPN servers using your Android…


1.Open “All apps” on your Android and choose”Settings”.

2.Click on “Wireless & networks”.

3.Click on “VPN settings”.

4.Click on “Add PPTP VPN”.

5.Click on “Add VPN”.

6.Now enter “BTVA” as a “VPN name”. Then enter the VPN server address as “vpn1018.usaip.eu” and “Enable encryption”. Save settings by pushing a “Menu” button (Hardware button on your device) and click on “Save”.

7.Your VPN settings is now ready. Click on your new VPN connection “BTVA”.

8.Use “demo” for both username and password to start the 7 minute demo or if you have a plan with us, use your own username and password for the full speed unlimited access.


After you have connected to one of our servers, test your IP by visiting this website TAP HERE.

If you have connected successfully to our UK server, you will see either a UK map.

IMPORTANT: If you get “Outside UK” message, you must clear your browser cookies from the start of time and make sure you connect to one of our UK servers before accessing UK websites.

For BBC and ITV, you will need to download and install the appropriate app from here.