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You can watch UK TV online from anywhere in the world if you have a broadband or ADSL Internet connection, if you have a land line, you most probably have an Internet connection fast enough to watch all of your British TV online.

BBC, ITV, Channel Four and Channel Five all have online services that allow you to watch live or catchup streams from your laptop, iPad or any device that is hooked up to the Internet. These services are freely available in the UK but if you are not in the UK you will get the message “Currently TV programmes are available to play in the UK only”. To unlock websites that display this message, you need a service that offers a UK VPN.

If you have no computer experience or you are an Internet novice, don´t let the term “VPN” put you off. A VPN is really easy to setup and offers not only the ability to unlock UK websites from abroad but also adds extra Internet browsing security, useful when using public WIFI hotspots or accessing the Internet from outside your location.

When you connect to a VPN server, all of your Internet browsing and access to username and password enabled websites is encrypted to anyone on that network, without a VPN, your information is easily accessed if someone on that network is able to hack into the router and find your MAC address. A VPN service prevents your browsing and confidential information from being accessed when using a public network.

Most services that offer UK TV from abroad will give you only one UK server that is overloaded by users, creating high amounts of buffering and you will have to wait to download your chosen TV programme before being able to view it, watching live TV is made impossible! At British TV Anywhere, we add new UK servers on demand as the standard, once you have downloaded our software, our new servers will automatically update when you login. You will also find other servers to unlock TV channels from other countries, such as the USA, at no extra cost.

Once again, if you have no Internet experience or you are a novice at computers and you can not follow the instructions, contact us by email and we will answer you within 8 hours, guaranteed to get it working for you.

To start a free 7 minute connection trial, please visit our free VPN trial page here. This is a limited speed connection, please only use it as a connection trial, if you can view UK TV, signup here and make a payment to access UK TV at full speed instantly!

We have over 5,000 returning customers and more join each day, making British TV Anywhere the best all round VPN package available online. With BTVA, you will have access to watch UK TV online from anywhere in the world. You will never miss your favourite TV shows ever again when you are travelling abroad.

When you signup to our service and take out a plan, all links to the main UK TV channels, such as BBC, BBC2, BBC3, BBC4, ITV1, ITV2, ITV3, ITV4, C4 and C5 plus most other UK TV channels are instantly available in your members area.

Our prices are the same as most services that offer a lot less, we care, we know you miss your UK TV and we know how to get it to you at the best rate and highest quality! Most people who use other services will come to us and become regular paying members, this is because we guarantee the best service possible!

British TV Anywhere has been around longer than our competition, we do not pay to be at the top, we are at the top because we are the best, that is why you are reading this!

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