Free VPN Trial

Free VPN Trial

free-vpnTry out our free VPN connection trial test.

We offer a free UK VPN demo so that you can test out how our system works right now to make sure you can use the system before making a purchase.

The trial version is limited to 128k connection speed and will cut off after 7 minutes.

Once you have the trial installed and working, all you need to do to unlock the restrictions is purchase a plan and use your own account username and password to login to all of our servers.

Please note that the trial should only be used as a connection test due to the speed restriction, after you have connected just check your IP address or visit a previously blocked website or TV channel.

To try out a connection test, select your operating system or device from below…


vpn-windows        vpn-mac       vpn-linux

vpn-android      vpn-ipad-iphone       vpn-routers

Our VPN trial is compatible with Windows, Mac, iPad, Linux, iPhone, Android and various routers.


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